Why is this a thing?

You should be asking yourself why this wasn't a thing sooner.

How do you pronounce Dev1t0?


Do you make any money off of this site?

No. I do not make money off of this. The Dev1t0 Scale is open-source and free (and ad free) for all to use. 

What are the units based on?

Length measurements are based on a certain Hollywood actor's height.

Mass and weight measurements are based on the average weight of an egg (According to the FDA).

Is that really the periodic table?


I went through each and every element and calculated the Dev1t0 mass value.

Will you be adding more conversion calculators?


I have several that I am working on.

Did you create this entire thing?


I wrote all of the Javascript for the calculators and all of the HTML for them too. However, I did utilize Bootstrap for UI and  CSS Periodic Table as a base for the Dev1t0 periodic table.